Expert Academic Review

Helping You Ensure Your Manuscript is Ready for Submission

Expert Review

We can help you improve your manuscript (as relevant):

  • Content review
  • Clarifying arguments
  • Structure
  • Methodology 
  • Identifying missing sections/materials
  • Journal/publisher recommendations
Improve Your Manuscript

You will receive comments and suggestions throughout the entire manuscript as well as a detailed report of our main suggestions and recommendations for improving your manuscript. Following our submission of the review, you can receive up to one hour of further review and/or follow-up questions with the reviewer. In helping you articulate your arguments most effectively, the academic review increases your chances of acceptance for publication.

Certificate of Quality

After your research is reviewed, you will receive a certificate of quality stating that the text has undergone professional review. You can send this certificate together with your manuscript to the journal or publisher of your choice. Click here to download a sample.

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