Shortening Your Manuscript

Prepare Your Manuscript For Publication

Researcher edits academic paper

Shorten Your Academic Text to the Required Length

Need help with making sure your manuscript adheres to the length requirements of the journal or publisher you plan on submitting your text to? One of our academic editors can help you to transform your paper so that it says more with less. Our language experts will provide suggestions for removing repetitive ideas and improving the overall flow of your writing.

We can help you shorten your dissertation (or a chapter from it) into an article for publication. Our academic editing will take the pressure off you and help you focus on moving ahead with your new research while knowing that your manuscript is in good hands.

Certificate of Excellence

Upon completion of the project, you will receive a certificate of quality. This certificate certifies that your manuscript is within the journal or publisher’s word limit and that the text has been edited to meet the highest linguistic standards. You will be confident knowing that your research has been reviewed by the experts.


Shorten my manuscript