Grant Preparation Services

Elevate Your Research & Writing to Improve Your Proposal

Preparing a grant for a funding agency is a formidable challenge. Granting agencies and foundations seek proposals that are clearly articulated and that meet their requirements in terms of research goals, methods, and feasibility. Given the countless proposals that are submitted, even the best proposals may not be considered if they don’t address the critical points in a comprehensive and coherent manner. The path to success begins with submitting the highest quality material that meets the funding guidelines.

Standard Grant Review

Intended for: Scholars or research teams with experience submitting competitive research funding proposals who have written a full proposal draft and don’t need help developing respective sections of their proposal.

Services Include:

  • Review of content, structure, coherence, and methodology by an expert in your field
  • One-on-one follow up work with your academic expert
  • Language edit of abstract, timeline, and proposal (up to 15 pages)
  • Two rounds of revisions, and up to 500 words of additional text during revisions

*This service does not in any way include writing or rewriting in place of the author.

Approximate timetable: 4-6 weeks before the submission deadline

Advanced Grant Review

Intended for: Scholars with minimal/no experience developing successful research funding proposals, who have written an abstract but need individualized help to develop and clarify sections of their proposal before completing a full draft.

Services Include:

  • Review completed by an academic expert and reviewed by a second editor
  • Up to 4 hours of initial proposal abstract consultation via phone or Zoom
  • Early feedback and direction on moving forward to complete your draft
  • Thorough review of your full proposal draft (content, structure, coherence, and methodology)
  • Language edit of abstract, timeline, and proposal (up to 20 pages)
  • Two rounds of revisions and up to 1000 words of additional text included

*This service does not in any way include writing or rewriting in place of the author

Approximate timetable: 6-8 weeks before the funding deadline

Grant Development and Writing

Suitable for scholars and companies with data and a concept but without a comprehensive written draft, who would benefit from support in thinking through their proposal.

Services Include:

  • Work conducted by an academic expert and review by a second content editor
  • Guidance regarding methodology, content, coherence, and structure
  • Writing a draft and three rounds of revisions
  • Review of the relevant paperwork to ensure a complete submission

Approximate timetable: Two to three months


Additional Grant Support Services
  • Reference formatting
  • Additional words beyond 20 pages
  • Rush project

**Please note that we don’t build budgets and this should be done with your Research Authority.

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