Other Services We Provide Academic Scholars

Polishing Your Paper


Index for Your Academic Book

Once you have completed your manuscript, we can help you create an index of names, places, and terms for the publisher. We will work with you to make sure the important terms are chosen and that the index actually serves to help the reader. 


Transcribe Interviews for Your Qualitative Research 

Do you have hours of interviews to transcribe for your qualitative research but don’t have the time to do it? We offer professional transcription services in all major languages. The work is completed quickly and professionally, and then reviewed by a second language expert to ensure quality. 

Graph/Figures Formatting

Graph and Figures Creation and Formatting

If you are struggling to put together the graphs and figures in your paper, we can help you format them in an attractive manner. The aesthetic finishes will help ensure that your manuscript is seriously considered for publication.

Research Assistance

General Research Assistance

Do you need some research help to track down information in a library or to complete missing referencing information in your bibliography? We will match you with a research assistant who has experience in your field, and who will help save you time by finding and inserting the information you need.

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