Success Story- Professor Yuval Feldman

A Proud Story Of One Of Our Clients

Professor Yuval Feldman, from Bar Ilan University in Israel, is a leading scholar in the field of law and behavioral studies and associate dean for research. ALE has helped Prof. Feldman edit and publish dozens of articles over the past seven years, including editing his book: ‘The Law of Good People: Challenging States' Ability to Regulate Human Behavior’ published in 2018 by Cambridge University Press.

However, Prof. Feldman never succeeded in receiving major grant funding to pursue his ambitious research despite numerous previous attempts. In 2021, he decided to submit an ERC Advanced Grant entitled: ‘Generating Voluntary Compliance Across Doctrines and Nations: Integrating the Behavioural and Regulatory Aspects of Governments’ Ability to Trust the Public’s Cooperation, Ethicality, and Compliance’ 

Knowing that his proposal had to be of the highest caliber in order to receive serious consideration, Prof. Feldman sent his proposal to ALE for editing, review, and revisions. In addition to ensuring the writing was crisp and exact, we added numerous suggestions to help him clarify his argument, maintain consistency and identify potential weaknesses. After a short back and forth, Prof. Feldman had a revised and improved proposal that he sent off to European Research Council (ERC), not knowing if it would meet the same fate as his previous submissions.   

In April 2022, Prof. Feldman received the message that he had won the grant in the amount of €2.5M over 5 years! Prof. Feldman is one of the few legal researchers to win the ERC Advanced Grant in recent years and the only legal scholar from Israel to have won in the past few years. We are proud to have played an important role in editing his grant proposal ahead of submission. We wish Prof. Feldman the best of luck in his research on regulation and public policy in the legal domain and look forward to continued success together!