How Using the Right Scientific Translation Services Can Improve Your Chances of Publication

Scientific Translation of Research Papers and Proposals

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Ensuring that your research, thesis or scientific report is written at a high academic level is the only way to guarantee it will be published and seen by your peers around the world. Research papers must be written in a precise and coherent manner in order to be respected in the international scientific community. Often, content that hasn't undergone thorough scientific translation, and also editing, will be rejected for publication.

Even if the research is groundbreaking, poorly written scientific reports and proposals are perceived by journal editors as sloppy. Respected journals receive hundreds (if not thousands) of submissions every year and it is easy for them to reject submissions that aren't written properly. A recent report claimed that for over 50% of manuscripts, the reviewers don't read past the title and abstract. When reviewers receive the impression that due diligence has not been performed, it can seriously undermine your attempt to publish your research.

Academic Translation for Scientific Texts

The solution is not using Google Translate or having an English speaking student to review your text. Rather, you need to use take advantage of professional scientific translation services by an expert in your field. A good academic translator knows how to strike the balance between being loyal to the source text while also composing a text in the target language that stands on its own and doesn't sound translated. A good academic editor knows how to improve and upgrade the language of the text to remove grammatical errors and make it easier to read. They may be able to add comments relating to the content of the paper as well.

Scientific Research Translation from Leading Experts

Our academic translators and editors are not only native speakers of the languages they work in, they also specialize in a specific scientific field. Many of our translators are academics themselves and hold advanced degrees in the field they work in. We have experts in a wide range of scientific specialties, including medicine, physics, chemistry, biology and more.

With years of scientific translation and editing experience as well as education and training in your specific field, our expert staff can help you not only perfect the language of your draft but also improve your research. We are quickly able to understand the goals of your research, refining and polishing it until you are confident with submission. We can also help you format your research paper according to a specific style sheet for submission to the journal of your choice.

Why Choose Us for your Scientific Translations? 

Thanks to our attention to detail and high standards of excellence, ALE has earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading scientific translation and academic paper editing services. Visit our portfolio page to hear from some of the scholars we have helped. We are so confident in our work that we offer a free sample translation or edit for your review before starting the project so you can see our work for yourself. Regardless of what service you decide to use, be sure to confirm the quality of the work before you start to ensure that you aren't wasting your time and throwing away resources.

ALE is a member of the European Association of Science Editors, European Language Industry Association, the American Translators Association and the Israel Translators Association. Get Started today and take the next step on your path to publication.

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