How Our Process to Publication Works

5 Quick Steps

Price Quote

Upload your text for translation. One of our managing editors will review carefully and send you a price quote for approval within hours. 

Choose Your Language Expert

Choose the language expert to work on your project. Submit a short sample text and we will send you a number of translated or edited samples to choose from. Alternatively, we can choose the best language expert for your project. 

First Draft

Your chosen language expert will begin work on the text. We will be in touch with you and the language expert throughout the process to answer any questions that arise. We will also add comments, questions, and suggestions for your review.

Managing Editor Review

Your managing editor will review the work of the language expert and revise as needed. After the review has been completed, we will send you the text. You can ask questions, suggest revisions and send for additional review.

Client Feedback and Review

We will edit your text based on your revisions and send a final draft for your approval.

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