Academic Writing Coaching

Academic Standards

This service is intended for scholars who are in the midst of writing or revising their manuscript. You may feel “stuck” and need another person to help you organize your thoughts and your writing. Our writing experts are very experienced in academic writing and publications, and can help you move through this stage so that you are better prepared for submission.

Service Details

The service may include the following: 

  • Content review
  • Clarifying arguments
  • Structure
  • Methodology
  • Identifying missing sections/materials
  • Pointing out if literature is outdated
  • Journal/publisher recommendations
  • Clarifying intended audience/how to find relevant publications
  • Clarifying contribution to research
  • Support and guidance
  • Setting timetables

Before beginning the work, we will clarify what type of assistance you need and provide you with a detailed price quote accordingly.

Please note that this service does not include the following: writing portions of your text on your behalf; searching for source material on your behalf; summarizing materials; identifying or removing plagiarized content; filling in missing bibliographic information.

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