Manuscript Preparation

Submit your manuscript with confidence

Journal Finder

Journal Finder for Your Manuscript

With all of the different journals out there, it can be challenging and time-consuming to find the best one for publishing your research. Using your research profile to identify appropriate journals and publishers in the field, we produce a shortlist of 3-5 target publications. This helps you focus on continuing your research without getting bogged down in the process of figuring out where to submit. 

Manuscript Preparation

Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication

Prior to submitting your research, we help you to prepare all of the necessary paperwork and ensure that your article meets the style and other requirements of the journal or publisher. This includes ensuring you have the appropriate declarations regarding conflicts of interest and scientific experiments, preparing an appropriate title page, assisting with the abstract and keywords, and formulating a cover letter. 

Manuscript Submission

Submitting Your Manuscript

We then help you complete the submission process, including setting up your profile on the journal website, filling out the submission form, and, if you so choose, submitting the manuscript on your behalf. These services help take away pressure from your busy schedule and allow you to rest assured that your manuscript is being submitted properly. 

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