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How Does The Process Work

How do you make sure that my research will be kept confidential?

We take confidentiality extremely seriously. All texts are stored on our secure portal to ensure that they cannot be accessed by anyone without permission. All of our translators and editors have signed legally binding non-disclosure agreements which forbid them from sharing any of the texts they work on. Learn more about our confidentiality policy on our confidentiality page.

What languages do you work with?

We translate to and from all major languages (including English, German, Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, and more). If you have a text in a less common language, send us an email to see if we can help.

How does the process work?

We have developed a unique process that guarantees you the highest quality text. Read about our unique five steps to publication on our "How it Works" page.

Have texts that you translated/edited been published in respected academic journals?

We have assisted hundreds of scholars to translate, edit and format their research for publication in prestigious academic fora around the world. Our published projects include academic articles, books, clinical trials and more. Visit our portfolio page to see an extensive list of the journals and book publishers we have helped scholars publish in.

How do I know if my text is ready for translation or editing? At what stage should I send you my text?

We recommend that you only send us your text once you have completed all of your work on it. We discourage you from sending different sections of the same text separately, unless absolutely necessary. We invite you to review our pre-submission checklist to review for yourself and see if you are ready for translation and editing.

Are texts edited/ proofread before I receive them?

Every text that we translate or edit is revised and proofread by one of our managing editors for coherence, style, and quality. The second round of review helps polish and perfect the text and improves the chances of it being accepted for publication.

Will you help me with my changes? How do you handle feedback from the reviewers?

The initial price quote includes a review of all client feedback or revisions that relate to misinterpretation or error on the part of our translator or editor. Likewise, we do not charge extra for reviewing any linguistic/grammatical feedback provided by the journal reviewer (although this is very rare). Review of new text added by the client post-submission is charged at the same per-word rate as the original text.

What will my text look like when I first receive it?

By the time you receive your first draft of the text, it has been translated or edited by our language expert and revised by the managing editor of your project. Often, we include questions and comments to help clarify vague sentences or problematic points we noticed. You are then invited to review the text and address our comments or add revisions of your own.

Can you help me prepare my article for a specific journal?

We can format your manuscript according to the guidelines of the journal you are submitting it to. You will have the opportunity to upload the journal guidelines or stylesheet upon submitting a project for a price quote.

Will my text be ready for submission after you send it to me?

By the time we finish our work on your manuscript, it has been worked on by an expert translator or editor in your field, as well as revised by a managing editor, who ensures that the text is polished before submission. 

Who do I turn to for questions/ revisions on a project?

One of our managing editors will be assigned to you when you submit your project for a quote and they will be in contact with you throughout the entire translation or editing project. You can also be in touch with them directly via phone or email to discuss any issues that may arise.

How do I know that the work will meet my standards? Can I see a sample of my work before you start?

Yes! We invite you to submit a short sample text for a number of our language experts in your field to complete. We will then send you the sample texts for review and evaluation. You can then choose your preferred translator or editor. Alternatively, we can choose a language expert for you and send you the first few pages for your review and feedback. Please note that multiple samples are only available on projects of over 5,000 words. A single sample is available on all projects. Get started and receive an exact price quote for your text today.

Will the project be worked on by one translator or many?

Unless there are multiple authors in the source text (such as a volume of collected articles), it is preferable to have one language expert work on your text from start to finish. Rare exceptions are made for long projects with a very short deadline which cannot be completed by one language expert.

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